My husband told me if I don't have surgery to make me look like Kim K, then he will divorce me. By the way he has a Kim K fetish. What do I do?


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Divorce him. And take him for every cent you can. If he wants you to be like Kim K, you might as well start with money grabbing.

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Arthur Wright
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My sediments exactly as no person should ever look like any Kardashians ever and tell her Hubby go find her if hes so interested
PJ Stein
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I just can't believe someone would even say something like that to their spouse.
Arthur Wright
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exactly Gator and anyone who takes up with Kanye West .... what can I say
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DON'T DO IT! Whatever you do, do NOT have SURGERY to make yourself more appealing to your husband! Frankly, Kim Kardashian's figure is horrible - she just looks odd and out of proportion. If your husband is more concerned about how much like a celebrity you look, you're better off without him. Cosmetic surgery is risky and could go wrong and put your health at risk. It's also insanely expensive and it took Kim a LOT to look how she does now, so even if you look kind of like her, it'll take loads of procedures. Honestly, you probably won't look good afterwards and you'll probably feel bad about yourself and how you look. He should be thinking about you and, yeah, most guys fantasise about celebrities, but most of them love their wives/girlfriends enough to be more than happy with them as they are and I've never heard of them asking their wife/girlfriend to get SURGERY just to indulge their fantasy! He's being ridiculous and you shouldn't do it. If you really love him and really feel like you need to change, why not try doing a similar make-up style or copy some of her outfits.

Please don't get surgery to please him. He can't tell you how you should be. You are worth so much more that.

Best of luck to you :)

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Is this something that you knew when you married him? If this is something that developed after you got married, then you can just tell him that you don't feel comfortable looking like a "ho" and you're perfectly satisfied with your appearance. If he wants you to get surgery to change your appearance, he really has a screw loose; this is not something I would ever agree to. 

If he still pushes the subject, tell him that he needs counseling in order to accept the fact that you are still the person that he married, but that he has changed and morphed his obsession over a Reality chick to disrupt your marriage. I wish you good luck with this.

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Tell your husband that when he resembles Kanye West in terms of wealth, then you will consider resembling his wife, Kim K.

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CalTex - Doug Morgan
And of all the women from which he could choose, why in the hell would he choose Kim Kardashian?! That does not reflect well on him. I say dump him for having such poor taste.
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Your husband should love you for who you are, not pressure you to change your appearance if you don't want to.  If he says he will divorce you if you do not get plastic surgery, maybe a divorce would be for the best.

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So what he is really telling you is that you aren't good enough for him. While you have nothing wrong with YOU, He is not happy with HIM either. You tell him that he married you and since Kin isn't available he needs to love the one he's with, or he can go search for someone who fakes it for him, and you will see him in divorce court. Offer to help him find a place. You will see him change his thinking, or you will see his behind as he walks out, but you will keep your dignity

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