K told me she's in love with me. I didn't feel the same way. Met B. K told me B is cheating on me. Did not believe her and we drifted apart. But found out she's telling the truth. Dumped B. I'm in love with K. But other guy wants her. What to do?


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Fight for the one you love. Don't let her get away until you know for sure you have no chance to win her back.

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All's fair in love and war so you'll need to learn how to go after what you believe in and want. So pull out all stops and go get her but remember there are no guarantees in life nor love so you won't always win. No one ever does but if you at least try, then youll have no regrets so just be the better man and impress her more and know your competition's shortcomings.  Good luck

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So you're only in love with K because you found out she was telling the truth about B, and if she hadn't of been, then you'd still be with B?


K will make up her own mind as to who she wishes to date.

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Allo Vera
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Of course she is different, you chose B instead of her, no one likes playing second fiddle. All you have to do is imagine if you liked a girl who chose to date someone else. You tell her she is being cheated on, she treats you bad, then when she finds out the truth she dumps the guy and wants to date you. You are chosen as a fallback.
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I guess you're right. I realize I took her for granted all those years because I always just thought she'd be there. I even knew how she felt before she told me, but I pretended to not know so that I wouldn't lose her as a friend. But I still feel like she would give me a second chance if this new guy wasn't butting his way into her life. He's coming between us and trying to push us even further apart.
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She's not my fallback though. It just took me a while to realize that the girl of my dreams has always been right in front of me.
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So I read the comments you posted on the answers above and it seems you and K were close friends, she told you she's in love with you, but not only did you reject her, you also went out with another girl. When K told you that B was cheating on you, you didn't believe her. Basically, you pushed her away. Then you realized you were in love with K and that she was telling the truth, so you dumped B. And now you wanna be with K but she seems different and not as interested. 

Well, can you blame her? K feels like she's your second choice and she may be right. You can fight for her. But to me, it looks like she's moved on.

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