How Do You Get Your Boyfriend To Touch Your Arm Or Legs More?


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Just tell him you will sleep with him. That always works.
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The best way to do that is to lead by example.I'm a full figure lady and weigh a whole lot more than him.At first I had these insecurities but he taught me to walk naked around the house,look myself in the mirror more often and also to appreciate my body.I touch myself all over when we aer together and that just makes him want to touch me also.
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When ur sittin wit him put ur legs over his, stroke them along him. If ur sittin on him den put his arms on your thighs or arms. Do the same to him, let him know u lyk it. Or just tell him u get turned on wen he holds and touches ur arms n legs.

Hope dis helps hun xXx :)
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Get out the lotion and ask for his assistance?
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Tell him to do it when a girl tells the guy he will do it more often
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Next time that he does it, give him a sign that you like it.  Say, "Mmmm, that feel nice..."  You can train him just like a puppy by giving him feedback.

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