How Do You Get Your Boyfriend To Propose?


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While you are waiting for 'the proposal', make certain that you are truly ready to marry. Discuss financial goals, and family goals and any other important issues which may become a problem later. If not addressed, these issues could break up a great love story.
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Surely the emotion is more important than a ring and a title. I have been with my boyfriend for nearly 5 years since I was 14. Yet I am quite happy, his love for me is more than enough. Of course we plan on getting married sometime in the future. But it's ridiculous to say he needs to 'man up' some men just don't want to ruin the good thing they have.

PTL x Good luck
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I have wanted my boyfriend to propose to me for a long time now...Then I thought about this: I forced proposal is worse then no proposal. This matter is a spur of the moment romantic thing that only he can produce. Just show him you are willing to wait for this moment and he will appreciate not being pushed. I hope this helps.....
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Then don't have sex with him don't live with him don't let him see you naked only let him get away with the most innocent kiss until her marries you.

Personally I believe if he wants to marry you then he will propose even if he is "getting the milk for free" and if he just wants sex then he is going to have sex with you until you say no then he is going to leave.
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You can't just make him propose he might not be ready. But if you really need him to then just talk about weddings and stuff just bring it up and talk about that kinda stuff and he will get the hint
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The sucka either doesn't want to get married or he just needs to "man up". You can easily tell by now which one it is. If he's just a wimp, give him more confidence boosts. If he's just a sucka, you can hold on to what may never be...

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