How Can I Propose To My Girlfriend Who I Have Loved For More Than Three Years?


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If you want to propose to your woman, you've got to show her just how much you love and respect her.
If you ask me, there are three things that are going to make your woman stand up and realize you mean business:
1- The ring
2- The location
3- The way you say it

How to propose to your girlfriend There isn't a woman on earth that's going to say no to your marriage proposal if you get the ring part right.
Don't be mistaken, I'm not one of those tacky hoochie mamas only interested in tacky jewelry and tacky men, but there's a whole lot a girl can tell just by looking at the ring.

  • If you go too cheap, you're going to make yourself look cheap.
  • If you go too expensive - well, that can be OK, but it might also look like you're trying to buy her affection.
  • If you're in a real relationship with a real woman, she'll have taken you past the jewelry store and dropped hints ON NUMEROUS OCCASIONS.
  • You should have got the hint and paid attention to what ring she was looking at back then!
Best place to propose to your woman It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a proposal has to be in a special location. On TV you sometimes see men thinking they're funny, proposing to women in Taco Bell or Wing Street.
Let me tell you now, it's not funny.

Also, whilst we're talking about food... Don't ever put the ring in her food and expect her to find it and be surprised and delighted. Is your idea of 'romantic' really picking a piece of white gold out of a dinner plate? Please!

My ideal marriage proposal locations would have to be:
  • Paris, France
  • In a white limo (like in Pretty Woman)
  • Superdome, New Orleans

You've got to work hard to sweep her off her feet, anything less and you don't deserve her!
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Bow down on your knees and look up at her into her eyes and ask her: "Will you marry me?"
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Too simple, MY mother's BF placed a cam recorder in a hidden place then he told her that they were going for dinner to get ready. So after she was so pretty looking. He sat her in the couch and got on his knee and told her that he had something for her, and gave her a red box. But it was a political candidate button, so she laughed, but then rapidly he pulled another red box and it was a beautiful 2 karats diamond ring then the next morning he told everybody to wed his youtube site. It was cool...
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Book a meal for two in a nice restaurant (it will soon be St. Valentine's day).

As you are both eating your meal, take her hand and say: "You are my one and only love, my soul mate, will you marry me and make me the happiest man on earth?" (I'm going to cry in a minute).
That will definitely do the trick. The very best of luck to you.
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Well, first I would have to know what she and you are like.

If you where out-doorsy you could take a walk around a lake at night, holding each other tight.
When you come up to a romantic spot, take your chance and get down on your knee and tell her why you love her.
Then ask her to marry you.

If you're an adventurous person make, a game out of it.
Go to the beach or something, and have her look at sea shells
Surprise her by hiding the ring inside one of them!

If you don't like the beach, leave her letters around the house that lead to a special place of yours.
Ask her there. But remember tell her why you love her!

I wish you to the best!

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