Everybodys got boyfriends and girlfriends now, all my friends , i feel so lonely and have no one to love who can love me back ???i feel so sad....


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Is there a question here?

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Been there, done that. You have to find the things in life that make YOU happy and do them. You will then find people with shared interests and find someone to spend your time and heart with.

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its been a good amount of time since i broke up with my best friend due to her faults , and thought i needed time to be alone....and its been years since i was alone all the time...now i think my time is over, now i just wanna be with someone.....literally all my friends have got bfs and gfs and i just want one so bad....i try to do what i like but its just boring now...
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Lol! I love how you got a male answer and a female answer! 😅 Now I will give you a mom answer. We are so proud of you Nice Girl. You are such a joy to have to this site. Your "innocence" is a breath of fresh air in a world full of ads and shows and life in general for young adults which is popularized by perversion. We enjoy your personality. DON'T change for anyone! You are you and we like you for you! ☺

Now if having a boyfriend/girlfriend was a bridge and all your friends were jumping off... Would you feel compelled to as well? I would sure hope not. Jump when YOU are ready not just because everyone else is jumping! 😆

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well, i'd jump too if whats under the bridge is love, support and happiness.......as ive commented above, ive been alone enough time,,,....now...i just want to be with someone....if not real then virtual......i just feel so desperate lately...
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I will be your friend

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Sorry for the long post in advance but I can relate to you! Everyone's just together nowadays, whether they are happy or not. Well firstly I need to say, no matter what, always make sure to remind yourself, "I have standards. Let's not get desperate, because we deserve the best we can do for ourselves." This is crucial, and it's a huge step to feeling complete as yourself, which is really important for the stuff that comes next as a teen...

... I know it's especially hard when you're a writer and hopeless romantic. Sometimes a crush just hurts so good (is it just me? Lol), and I've figured that's alright too. As long as you can healthily remind yourself that you are enough without a partner, "the chase" is always exciting and doesn't harm anybody.

Or maybe you're bored with focusing on school and the same old hobbies all the time? Maybe you could try something completely new. That's definitely a great, productive distraction you can't regret.

Oh, and lastly, remember that even though it looks like everyone has their "other half", a percent of those relationships are superficial and unhealthy. I can't count how many times I've seen controlling, insecure teen couples that pose as cute and perfect outside of their immature fights. I just feel sorry for the guy or girl. Remind yourself that an abusive partner is not worth having someone to hug. It's not worth it to keep someone who treats you terribly, just for the sake of having someone. I just know it will be completely worth it to spot the right one, focus, and go after them.

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you had me when you said.."when you're a writer and hopeless romantic. " even if you said it for a general reference. oh this answer just touched my heart....i wanna hug you and cry with you...i feel you...*cries**cries rivers*
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*hugs back* we’re gonna be ok. Remember, anything could happen. Anything. The “one” might bump into you on the street tomorrow, or in a year. I’ve heard real life experiences where this girl and guy ended up in love with each other, when 7 years ago, they were complete strangers in a class... Just keep your hope up and have confidence in yourself that one day you’ll find what you want :) I’m telling myself that too :)
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thats the only hope ive been waking up each day with and looking at couples and signing with...i hope we both find someone worth keeping....:)
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Have you tried embracing that which makes up YOU!?

I have seen so many people that can only identify as a couple or THINK they need someone. You need to first be comfortable with just being you and you ALONE. Only then should you even consider looking for someone else. If you do decide to look for that someone, understand that should be able to still maintain who you are and your wants and desires . . . This is key to a healthy long lasting relationship.

So you're on your own . . . Go with it and GROW with it . . . No sadness required.

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Don't feel sad stay close to Jesus and your prayers will be answered i know how it feels to be lonely and this time of the year with all the holidays coming i feel lonely cause i loss lot of my family all i have is my cousins but i try to pray in hopes to receive help from my loneliness but i know i got to do so much on my own in order for miracles to happen but one thing never give up.

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