I think this girl in my class at school is really really beautiful, but it is widely known ive asked her out before and i was teased all year (i still think the school should be sueable for reading the love note out-loud) how do i ask her out again!?!


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I think you should forget about girls that obviously don't care about you , I'm sure you deserve better my friend , she now knows that you like her and so its up to her if she wants to be with you , and it sure don't look like she does so I'm saying leave it , it will just make her feel awkward.
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Consider not asking her out. She knows you like her so if she's not showing signs she likes you it may not be worth it. But if you feel you must do it in person when the two of you are alone. If the you start getting teased then you know she told everyone and therefore she's not worth it.
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They read it out? Thats horrible... Was she in your class then and what was her reaction to the note? You shouldnt be shy in asking her straight, if you don't then another guy probably will. She can't be around people 'all the time' so you can easily ask her or go up to her and ask if you can talk to her alone. Oorr you could get her email or number from someone? There are so many things you can do. Ask her out or befriend her at first so you can see if she actually likes you at all before you ask her so you don't have to feel really bad if she says no..Do it anyway you will be comfortable in doing it and which ever way you feel is easier..
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In person and make sure you are alone where nobody else can hear,
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As was said in harry potter 'why do they all have to travel around in packs and how to you get one no there own?'
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Dude! For one I'm in the EXACT same situation. I like a girl we r good friends but I don't know how to ask her plus as an added obsticle, shes dating my best friend What I would do is just ask her somewhere private

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