Are men more honest when drunk?


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Hard to tell but with "liquid courage"  they just might be telling the truith that they cant say when sober but then on the other hand, they can also be who they think they want to be like but from research, your answer is no in about 80% of subject cases
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What if they're telling you they love you
Arthur Wright
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If hes drunk, he wont remember it
AD hen
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Don't get to excited if he told you he loved you, while drunk. I mean, people tend to tell the truth with they are drunk.. But they also can say things they don't actually mean. So really, try not to take a super drunk person seriously.. They will say anything.
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Everyone is more honest when they are drunk thats why they say stupid things because all barriers and in inhibitions gets slowly stripped away the more you drink to a point where we have no control over what we say lol
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We all lie, sober or drunk.  But when we're drunk we don't have to deal with our conscience.

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