How do you forgive your best friend. He liked me, then asked me out then dumped me in a day. But he still liked me and wanted me? But later on he only used me for things. How can I forgive him. Can I still be his friend or do you think it will happen again? Will he play me again? He was the first friend I had in high school. He gave me good advice, but then he used me.


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Well, someone needs to call it quits cause a off and on friendship is no good .If someone is going be my friend, i hope they act like one and not use me. Not good at all cause someones getting hurt.

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Yeah I would stay clear of him. Be casual friends if you have to, but I wouldn't trust him enough to be close friends if I was you.

It sounds like he has issues for treating a friend like that just to get what he wants.

And I can't help but feel that you might be suffering from low self-esteem if you let someone burn you like that and still wonder whether there's something worth sticking around for relationship-wise.

In my book, people should only get one chance.

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