My Boyfriend Just Dumped Me But I Think He Might Like Me Again,. How Do I Know For Sure?


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Faith Hale answered
Well there are 2 ways you can tell.

1) Just ask him. It might be a lot easier to know. Especially if you still like him as well.

2) My friend Lacie dated this guy Sean for a long time. He unexpectedly dumped her. But We all know he still has feeling for her because of these reasons. 1) he follows her everywhere and watches out for her. 2) whenever she likes a new guy he gets VERY jealous 3) whenever they are together he gets very close to her and 4) he tries to ignore her but when he does he just keeps staring at her and can't take his eyes off her.

That's how you can also know!

Hope this helps!
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Tammy Whittaker answered
Hey! The only way to know for sure is to ask him! Depending on what kind of relationship you have with him after you split up.. you can either ask 'Do you like me again?' or a more subtle, 'Do you think we still can make it work?' If he wants you back and he isn't willing to say sorry for dumping you the first time, I would not take him back, if I were you. I had that with someone who dumped me to see if I cared, and realised it was a horrible thing to do. Anyone who can mess with your heart and not feel guilty, can't be good enough for you! I hope this helps!
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Aliatte MIchel answered
If you see him keep on looking at you or still talking to you I think that's a sign that he want you back.
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If he has already dumped you then you should not reconsider him. He is not the right one for you. Consider someone who cares you a lot and will not leave you in his entire life
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Paola Chavez answered
Well you can ask one of his friends to ask him. It would be a good way but not just any friend of him, one that won't go around telling everybody because your ex can probably say no because of that. You can also always talk to him.
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sarah tek answered
Move on and show him that you don't care that he dumped you. He will want you more and show you or tell you.if you sit there wondering why he dumped you and whether he will have you back you will lose a part of yourself as you are sacrificing your happiness for his needs. Just go out and have fun and show him that you really couldnt care less. If then you want to give him another go than do so but be independent and carefree rather than just plain happy that he is back. I think that the best way to get someone back is to show them that you can't care less and you don't need are strong,confident and fun and its their loss that they chose to leave....

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