I Broke Up With My Girlfriend And I Still Have Feelings For Her. How Can I Make It Up To Her?


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Seem like the old saying "You don't know what you have till its gone!"  Its hard but maybe you need to look at it this way, would you rather be friends or nothing at all? If you broke up with her there had to be a reason why, so think about that and maybe its better you two are friends. Was she your first love? How long has it been? Is she with someone else now? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. If you think that you can only be GF & BF with her and not just friends the best thing to do is to try and move on. Maybe try dating a lil bit to get her off your mind. I don't mean being with everyone just going on dates. Try getting out more with your friends. Take up something to keep your mind off of her. Good luck sweety love is very confusing...
If you want her back you can do what TIGGERSMOM said below also. Maybe ask her to go for a walk and talk somewhere like around a lake or something. Set a picnic up for the two of you. If the weather is to cold you can always have the picnic in your house, do something sweet... Girls love that.
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Well what I would do is ask if she likes you!!And you can say that you messed up and your heart wasn't thinking or didn't know what to do!! My heart does that all the time!I hope this helped!
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Hey I broke with my girlfriend because for whatever reason I wasnt happy with her.  But the instant  I realized it was over I knew I had made a mistake  I worked hard and eventually got her to take me back after a month; she still had a lot of feelings for me.  But after that things could not go back to normal.  We dated for another 6 months and things began to unravel.  She broke it off 6 months later quoting the fact that how I had hurt her previously was causing really negative emotions to come up everytime we got in an argument.  It really devastated me because I was getting really comfortable with her and thinking about long term possibilities.  So be careful with getting back after the 1st breakup, it can backfire.  I don't know if you hurt this girl or not, but if you did those feeling stay and end up decaying the relationship.  It sucks, I am still foolish enough to try and get her back again even though I realize its probably a lost cause...
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Really you dumped her and that was kinda stupid of you to do that because you could be losing her to someone else who could break her heart as well maybe you should go after her and make her world wild act like she is a princess and she might be waiting for her prince
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I understand what you are saying. This happened to me just recently and we got back together but she just played with my heart. She took my heart for granted. Just make sure you know what you are doing before you make another move g.
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I would let her know how you feel yet play a little too hard to get. That always draws the attention on you. But like tiggersmom said do something nice for her. Make sure she feels special and appreciated
good luck
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It depends of why you guys broke up! And if she really wants to be your friend you don't have anything to do .. I mean she only seems you like a friend .. You could try to make her fall in love.. Remember how you did it at first time
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Hi there youngin'. I see you are sorry about breaking up with her. Get her some flowers, a card that says you are sorry, and ask her out for dinner, or out to the movies, or something like that, but make it special for her. O.k. You know where my shout box is son. Love mom♥
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Do not waste your time there will be no result.if you have feelings it is good but do not  try her to comeback in your life.if you have relation with her again than it is only for short time.

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