My Girlfriend Has A New Boyfriend And She Looks Happy Can I Still Have A Chance In Getting Her Back? I Still WANT Her Back For I Know I'm The Only One Who Can Love Her Truly..


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Well, to be honest with you my friend, I had the same situation exactly like the one you have now few months back. And trust me I tried my best to get her back, and I tried all sorts of means possible for me to have her back in my life, but you know what, if its meant to be like this then you can't change a single thing about it, and I would suggest you to have faith on fate, as that's what leading everything everywhere in your life. If she is happy now that simply means that she is actually happy and you should feel good for at least one thing that the person you loved and love in fact, is happy, may be not with you but with someone else. I understand that you feel her absence in your life and you feel like what your life could have been if she would have been there with you, but don't you feel that you can't make someone love you unless and until its meant to be like that.
I mean, I completely understand that its hard rite now for you to think about anything else and move on normaly but think deeply by holding on to her you are hurting yourself only and you are the only one who can help you. I did my best in getting her back but I realized it later that I can't as she said on my face that she can't love me the way I love her or the way I want her to but she didn't have a reason to say that, and I respect that as everybody has their own rights to fall in love. That's why we say, Falling in Love and nmo mere Loving someone. You simply fall into it without even noticing that it is happening to you.
Trust me, let her go if you love her... I believe that its not going to be an easy job rather its far far away from easy.. I have found someone else who I believe can love me the way I want someone ever to. And I'm going ahead for that. Never let yourself tied up ith something that's from the past but look ahead. After meeting this girl you felt that there is no one better than her, but only time would tell that its not like that.
And don't have a belief that you only can love her truly as there are people who can love just like you or may be better than you... Its the way we people are and its the way life goes on.
I hope I had an helpful answer.
Take Care.
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Thank you my friend... Well at least there is some one like you having maybe the same or near the same story like.. Thank you very much.. Our break up just happened less than 2 weeks ago and when i see her im falling in love again with her.. Especially now she looks more beautiful after the break up and when i see her.. Oh men!!!.. I already have the diamond but why did it go away.. HmMm... Can you tell me what did you do to move on.. Thank you again.. By the way im raymond from phillipines..
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Vanity Check: How are you so sure you are the only one who can love her truly?

If you want to increase the probability of her return you got to act like you don't care. Let her go, and, like the sappy posters say, if she comes back to you she's yours.
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I think this really depends on the reason you two broke up. Were you fighting all the time with her or something? Lie too much or cheat? All I can say is find the reason why fix it and try to get her back. If that doesn't work I'm sorry but you'll have to move on.
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Ok she has a new boyfriend,which is her "rebound",which are mainly to get back at a guy,or make him jealous,why did you guys break up there has to be a reason,an honestly you might think you are the only one who can love her,but to her,she might think you might not have cared. Maybe she just wants to get outan have fun,are you guys teens? Are you young,maybe shes not ready to be tied down yet.
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Tnx for the comment.. (",) uhm shes 18 and im 20... She knows i love her and all i did was for her.. But this other guy her new bf shes her crush.. But still i know i am the only one who can take care of her.. Coz from the start thats my role.. I did my part but she didnt.. All i have back then was my trust to her but she just ruined it.. Still i love her..
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Well when i got into my relationship,anthony he was my rebound,but ive been with him 8 months an its love now,anthony is pretty much that same as you it sounds like,an i have crushed on guys cuz i felt like he wasnt caring bout us,an stuff like that,what you need to do,is tell her how you feel an have a big talk to each other
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I am experiencing the same situation you are in right now.

This is the second time my ex girlfriend broke up with me. And surprise! With the same reason. She left me before and had a relationship right away with another guy. After 2 months they had some issues and she went back to me. I was still in love with her so I was so happy to have her back. But as they say, rekindled love is short term. After a few months, she left me for the same guy again.

I am devastated right now to see her happy with him and that I have  an idea how she is when she's into someone. But I do believe in fate. I believe life is a full circle. And when it rolls, we might be down below but it won't be long before we can go at the top once more. Acknowledge the pain. Accept what happened. Anticipate what will and can happen.

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Depends on how serious your feelings were/are for each other? And what were the circumstances to the break-up?  I believe in fate, and if you two truly love each other then I believe you have a second chance at it.
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Well you can't be the only one to love her truly. All that should matter is that she is happy so you should be happy for her and still be friends.
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She has a new boyfriend--  GET OVER IT!! Seriously  if she wanted you she'd be with you. She has moved on  and so should you.

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