My girlfriend broke up with me via text by typing, "I'm done." I called her and told her off. I am in love with the woman and when I calmed down, I profusely apologized. She broke up with me 4 months ago. Any chance of getting back with her?


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I know that you probably might think that this can't be an option but I think that in your situation you should let her go and move on. Your breakup sounds messy and confusing so I think that the feeling of wanting her back that you have can be mostly due to your desire for some real closure to why she broke up with you.

I had this happen to me when my ex broke up with me without warning. I had this desire to go back to him and I wasn't sure why. But months after we separated, I decided to meet up with him again and we talked about what had happened between us. It gave a sense of closure of what had happened with our relationship and I was able to move on quite a bit since then. It also helped that I haven't seen him for the past 6 months. So yeah, I no longer have the desire to be with him anymore and he and I just keep in touch as friends (although sometimes he wants more but I refuse him of that).

But if you are convinced that you are in love with her, then fight for her. The chances may not be very high, but I believe that if you are truly in love, you would take that chance no matter how small. If you are having doubts due to the chances alone without even trying, then I don't think that she is truly worth it then.

Ultimately this is your call. I'm just offering some possible suggestions and solutions. It is up to you from this point on. Good luck.

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I'm sorry, I know you are in love with this woman but I honestly think you deserve better than someone who has so little respect for you that she thinks it is acceptable to break off a relationship with someone by text.  It's worse still that the text just said, "I'm done," that's very rude.

I am wondering why you felt the need to apologise for calling her and telling her off. In my opinion, she had that coming.  What did she expect, a text back saying "oh that's a pity but okay"?

You have done nothing wrong so don't beat yourself up over it. However, she doesn't sound like a nice person at all so please tell me this - if this happened to a friend of yours what advice would you give?

I doubt it would be to try to win her back, I think it more likely that you would advise him to move on and meet someone more loving and deserving of his affection.

Believe me, I know how it feels to have your heart broken, but this person has no respect for you. My advice would be to move on, find someone who will appreciate you and treat you the way you deserve. If she has done this once, what's to say she won't do it again?

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