My Gf Broke Up With Me..but She Still Loves Me What Should I Do To Get Her Back?


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Caroline Norwood Profile
I think you should call her up and tell her how you feel.
tell her that you're so in love with her..and your the only guy for her..and oneday she'll realize that.
if she doesn't take you back..then just simply ask her why?
If she tells you why or even if she doesn't say why..then you should just move on....if she doesn't realize how much you care for her..then that's her loss.
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Karen Henchen answered
Maybe she just wasn't ready to move in and be that serious. You should talk to her about how you feel, and ask her if it would be better if you didn't live together right now, but still be together. Also, it probably was hard for her to give up college for a relationship. She may have realized that was the wrong decision for her. Did you ask her to give up college? She may be resenting you for that reason. You need to meet her for lunch or something and have a real long talk about your relationship, and why she wanted to end it. You may be able to make some compromises that will make you both happy. Good luck with it!
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Anonymous answered
Oh my god. So you should totally NOT try and get her back. That's stupid, what you should do is to try and find someone new. But not because you want to get her back. Once you really like the girl, make it noticeable..and she will definitely notice. That will hurt her a lot. Another thing you could do is tell her how you felt, and if you are over her or not. The honest way is the best way to go. Trust me, I am a girl. I know these things ;].


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Izzy Lalime answered
Find out why she broke up with you in the first place... Because I'm sure there was reason if she still loves you...

And then see if you can fix it...
And if it's something that can't be changed... Let it, and her go!
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dori nunya answered
K you need to find out why she broke up with you there had to be some kind of problem she wouldn't just dump you if she loved you there had to be some complication she wouldn't just dump you like that
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Allison Sims answered
Why would you go back to her if she left you but if you love her go and ask her to move back in with you.

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