Ex broke up with me a lot and I would always go back to reconcile. Then after the most recent break up I stopped contacting her. I really love her. Do you think now she will try to contact me, now that I'm not coming back right away?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

My answer is the same as before:

Stop playing drama games with her.
She obviously doesn't want to be in a relationship with you, or she wouldn't keep breaking it off.  OR she is a controller, who wants to keep you begging for the relationship.
Either way, it's not healthy to keep pursuing this relationship.

Move on.

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PJ Stein answered

It is time to move on. Sometimes you can care deeply for someone but they are still not the right one for you. Move on. It saves both of you more heart ache.

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Isn't there any hope that she would respond? I'd just like to know that there is some hope involved in the situation. Theres couples that go through this then are together for years

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

In all honesty here, youre only fooling yourself and shes using you. By now after all these breakups, you don't see what is happening, then youre a fool and only fools rush in. Chances are she will NOT come after you and youll be better off if she doesn't as youre so infatuated with her, shes consuming your life and controls you here . Chalk this up to experience , learn from it and move on to someone more suited for you. Good luck

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You really love her but do you think she really loves you?  If she genuinely cared for you she wouldn't risk losing you.  As painful as this is to come to terms with the sooner you end this back and forth the sooner you can get on with your life.  She's not respecting your feelings so can you imagine what a long term relationship with her would be like?

There will be another person you'll love and will love you in return, even though that seems unlikely to you right now.  It will happen and then you'll look back on your relationship with this person and feel relieved that you had the strength to walk away.

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She is obviously addicted to the drama of breaking and making up. That isn't love it is a headache. Find a girl who doesn't behave that way.

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