I got out of an abusive relationship about a month ago. I cried for two weeks, now I think I'm healing. Only thing is that I'm terribly lonely. I don't go to clubs,I'm 20.I feel so desperate trying to find a boyfriend?


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John Bearfoot answered
Your  best   to look for a guy  who  will treat you good
and  don't  let  the new  relationship  fall into  a  abusive situation
when  a  guy can't  respect  you  and or  mistreats  you  than
you  know  its   time  to move on , A guy  who showers you
with  love  like holding hands, buys you roses or even treats you good
and expresses  his  love is  the kind guy  you  need
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Faith Dupuis answered
Keep on trying! Its good that you are healing but you should go out one day with your girlfriends and try to meat someone if you are that desperate!
Good luck girl! PS: After someone has abused you it is hard to trust people, so be friends with the guy first, and get to know him better! Good luck!
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Shalla Larocque answered
Be sure to give yourself enough time to heal and to learn what makes you happy.  If you have been with the previous boyfriend for a long time, you (and those who know you) associate you with that guy.....therefore, you need time to get to know YOURSELF.  Don't settle for just anyone just because you are feeling a bit lonely.  It is normal to feel lonely, but start a class or hobby that you have been interested in.  This will keep yourself busy and introduce yourself to people that have the same interests as you.  Good luck.....hope all goes well.
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Arthur Wright answered
Feelings here are normal but back off finding a BF and let love find you when youre ready to move on. You need to let the outside world know youre available but not ready for a committed relationship and see what happens. Its going to still take some more time to heal here and there will be set backs so be prepared but moving forward here is the best thing you can do here, so get out a little more at your pace, be patient and love will find you. Good luck and Merry Christmas
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Trenii Walters answered
I believe that you just needa think about it .. Do you really want to be in another relationship where its abusive .. But then not every man in the world is the same .. You can start going back out but just be concerned about the boys that you talk to .. Talk to the decent ones .. Ask them about there relationships and did it go well .. And you crying for 2 weeks will get you kno where .. I've done it .. Been there and I had to stop .. Same like you .. You got to start going back out but just be aware of who you tlk to
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candi bomm answered
Maybe you need a break from relationships and get to know yourself. The dating scene will always be there. Try introductions from mutual friends if all else fails.

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