In the past I've had a problem with falling for my boyfriends brothers/best friends.. terrible I know. Well I have a perfect bf now whom I love but I'm starting to find an attraction to his best friend. How do I stop this. I try to shut it out but I'm even starting to have dreams about him! I don't even talk to him, I've talked to him like twice!


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It is one of them "mind over matter" things. You want what you are not suppose to have! You probably need to remain single until you have grown out of this mentality.

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I'm no shrink, but it sounds to me as if you have some emotional insecurities to deal with. You could plausibly be so emotionally insecure that you are not able to separate typical interest with romantic interest in  others you come in contact with. This is a form of emotional confusion often experienced by those who are emotionally damaged or even emotionally immature.

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