So, my GF went away for a few months, broke up with me after a month over there and will be returning soon. She rented her room in the meantime and is homeless now - she could go to her parents though. Shall I offer her my place or stay strong and silent?


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Why demean yourself? She broke up with you. Keep your pride in tact. Let her take care of herself. That's my opinion

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Well considering that you broke up, it is kind of weird for you to be offering her a place to stay. But if you feel that bad for her, then it's up to you. However, if you have ulterior motives to try getting back together or anything like that, I say it's best to leave her alone because you may just get disappointed. In the end, it's your choice on what you feel is the right thing to do.

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I would let her work out her living arrangements, if I were you. She can bunk with her parents as a short-term solution. She probably has some friends she could stay with. She made the decision to break up with you, and then move back after renting her place out. Now, she has to figure out what her next steps are.

If you offer to let her stay, then the lines of friendship will become blurred. You will be hoping you guys could get back together. She might see this as a temporary refuge with no thoughts of getting back together. If you let her stay rent-free, how long will that last? How can you be sure she is saving her money so she could move out to a place of her own?

So, let her work things out and do not offer to let her stay with you. I see it causing more problems that it would solve.

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Thank you for the answers. She returned and made arrangements on her own. Will deal with recovery now. All this stuff exchange is really, really not a pleasant thing...

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She is a big girl. She can find her own place to stay, even if it means moving home with the parents.

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