Me and my girlfriend broke up on Friday. She says she loves me very badly but she didn't try to win me back, what should I do?


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King Rosa answered

You should wait. If you were a good guy it will only take a while for her to come back  :)

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Lia Tan answered

Well think to yourself: How do you feel about the breakup? Just for a second, don't think about what she said to you and what she's doing or not doing. Just think about what you want because that's what's important right now. What your ex does shouldn't affect this decision so much because it concerns you. Once you find what you want to do, take action from that. That's what you should do.

Oh yeah, just for a heads up, if a girl doesn't try winning you back, it may be because she wants you to go after her. Not all girls want to be that kind who chases the guy. Girls do like it when the guy chases her. Plus she was saying that she loved you and all that good stuff, meaning that she was probably trying to bait you into taking her back. So if you decided that you want her back, you should go after her instead of waiting for her to make the move. If you don't want to get back together, then just leave it at that and move on rather than pondering about what she meant and what she's going to do because she is no longer any of your concern.

I wish you luck!

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