My girlfriend cheated on me with a girl and we broke up... I really want her back, what should i do?


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Never hurt anyone to want. Do you really want a GF back that cheated on you as chances are she will do it again and again as there is some relationship problem here that caused her to do this like maybe she isn't all that much into you like you think. Think very hard about what you truly want here unless you enjopy being stepped on, cheated on , your heart broken, so move on and don't look back unless you plan on going there
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We really love each other, specially me. I bought her a gold ring before and we always told how much we love each other and she says she has no feelings for her. Im miserable right now, I really need her. She told me before she needs me and she loves me so much, we told we loved each other like every 10 minutes and I really believed her after a while but now I found out this by accessing her facebook account, she said she never planned on telling me because she thought i would break up with her.
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Man, you're in a hell of a situation... And I sympathize with you.  I've gone through something a lot like this just over the last couple of months... Do yourself a favour and walk away, head held high.

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