I Want To Leave My Girlfriend And I Don't Want To Hurt Her, What Should I Do?


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Be honest. Although you may not realise it, you are probably acting different with her and being distant. She will likely have noticed this, and may well be being overly nice to you in the hope you will return to normal. The longer you stay with her, the harder it will be for her and the more you are drawing out her insecurity, pain, uncertainty and sadness. It is inevitable that she will be hurt, but in the long run this is for the best as she deserves to be in a relationship with someone who cares about her as much as she cares for them. Being part of a one sided relationship will be far more painful for her than it will be for you to tell her that your feelings have changed.

It is best to give her the true reason for why you want to end the relationship, and avoid the 'its not you, it's me' line as no one ever believes this is the real reason. By telling her the truth, it is more likely she will be able to see your point and accept what went wrong. This will make it much easier for her to accept and move on from. Sit down and think about why your feelings have changed before you tell her so that you are ready to answer her questions about why. Consider whether it is because you feel you don't have enough in common, or whether she wants different things from life to you. Maybe the relationship is too serious, or not serious enough. Perhaps you want to spend more time with friends and family or you have feelings for someone else etc. Make sure you are sure this is what you want before you tell her, otherwise you will both end up confused and unhappy.
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I agree with Ryanna -- you best bet is to be honest.  What is the reason you want to leave her?  Does she annoy you?  Have you found someone else?  No matter what the reason is, your girlfriend should know the truth of it, because most times the one left behind will find out one way or another.  People do get hurt when the other one in the relationship breaks up with them, but it will make it easier on her if you're honest about it, and you'll be able to walk away without feeling guilty.  Sometimes it hurts a lot less in the long run, if you just sit the person down and just do it,  instead of waiting too long and making it worse.
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The best thing is to be real and tell her its over. You she might cry and maybe not want to leave but you got to be strong about it because you don't wont to live your whole life in a lie. I am going threw the same thing and yes its hard and she does not want to accept it and yes I fall back and give in but I realized I'm just wasting more time of my life! And that I can not do!
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Well it depends on your situation, but honesty is the best policy.
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To be honest, life is short too short to think, take a decision, as soon you do that, take an action, and finish the story, open the another chapter of the life, trust it is so easy as it to say, depends how strong you are.. PeAce & lOve
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Well the same situation you are in I was in it to I told my Min's that I dint love her no more.5 Min's later I call her and told her I want to be with her.know I don't want to be with her again so you should tell her the true no matter what or you are going to be in a really big pain trust me
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Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it's necessary.
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You should tell her that she's too good for you and that she deserves better. Do it lightly. Tell her you can stay friends.
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Why should he have to belittle himself for her sake though? Maybe she's doing something and it's not him that doesn't deserve her at all...
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I agree with LadyLena.
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Get her a build a bear that says "I think we should break up". Good story for all and she might laugh bout it later, I know I would.
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Inspite of telling her the truth if she is not ready to leave me what am I suppose to do?
I have told her twice that I am not happy but still she just wont listen. She is not ready to leave me. I don't know what to do?
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I totally agree you need to be honest with her. Yes, it will hurt, but I know from experience that it hurts much more when you find out like a week later from someone else the real reason he left. If you still want to be able to talk to this girl or hang out with her without her wanting to cry and murder you at the same time, then you really need to just sit her down and explain what happened and why you want to leave her...trust me it will hurt much less for both of you
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Hey I am going to leave my girlfriend after 5 years . I am 64 have lost all my friends and my home cause of her so I will be honest and tell her I am not happy and my life is ruined because of her.I will tell her I hate her greedy insensitive family and I wish I never met her.when she starts to cry I will buy her a six pack of soft three ply tissues.lol then I will tell her that suicide would be better then another year with her.I hope I sound tactful and sweet.lol
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You thats sound great that we need to be understand with each other  ,,,but question stand that if you really are in love so y you want to leave her...and you if you really have a genuine reason to leave her ...so come to her sit with her and make her understand if she really loves you she will never de nie...love is name of trust and your genuine reason or honest answer for leaving her will not hurt as much .... So go through the truth he/she  will respect and will not get hurt ...but sud be truth...god will help for your faith...
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Jsttt  have  a convrsation...  N  telll  her  cause  ths may  be  t  hardest  way  but  t  best  one  tooooooooooo...  Make  her  undrstand.....
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You should be honest with her, it will make it easier on both of you. I know from a personal experience that if you don't tell her or lie to her or if you just break it off without saying a word to her about the reason why you want to break up with her it will hurt he a whole lot more. If you don't tell her she'll be questioning the reason and may jump to conclusions that maybe worse than the real reason. But, remember it does depend on your situation. Be polite and explain the reason to her gently.
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I cn assure you she wont lyk 2 stay as friend ....the thing which you cn do is only....express your self....tell d reason and break up ol communication (change your cell no, email add, delete ol community site profiles ) and follow this up to 21 dayz...no communication at ol....she will learn to live without you...n you'll learn to live without her....in this tenure if you start talking then it'll be impossible for you to leave her.....tk

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