How Do You Make A Guy Leave His Girlfriend Even Though He Loves Her?


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tinga nih answered
Why would you want to do that??.. Well if he LOVES ME TOO.. Then maybe I could let him decide.. If you like this guy. You would wish for his happiness.. Not just your own..
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Deemarcas Day answered
You let him make his own decisions, if he loves her, why should he leave her?  You'll never be in first place if he loves her. If you do break them up, then you'll be the bad guy.  If they break up and then you date, you'll have more respect.
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Bertha toyo answered
It all depends on the guy's integrity and sense of responsibility;
because its only an irresponsible guy that would compromise his
love-filled relationship. I mean: Its all about character.
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Joan answered
You can not make a guy do anything he does not truly wish to do. If he wants to leave her, he will. If he does not, he won't and you are wasting your time trying to figure out a way to entice him away from someone he loves. Think about it. Even if you should find a way to make him leave her, would you want to date a boy that you know is disloyal to the girl he is dating? Be kind to yourself, find a BF of your own and forget getting one that is already taken. It can only lead to trouble or heartache.
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Chiara Tosoc answered
If the girlfriend is suffering much because of the guy. Make him realize that the girl needs to be free.

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