How Do I Get Him To Leave His Wife?


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You people are way too judemental. Not all affairs are lurid and just sex-flings. Sometimes men have very good and logical reasons for being disgusted and fed-up with their hateful wives. Unfortunately, they are often stuck with huge amounts alimony to pay.
I personally know of a man who is married to Puerto Rico Trash, but she duped into having five kids and he has decided to stay for the kids sake, but he hates her and her swarthy dirtiness. She is lazy and has required him to build a big home where she sits on her a** all day while he works. She is so excited that she doesn't have to work as a hotel maid like most of kind do, that she is willing to stay with him even though she knows he has a girlfriend and a child with her.
She thinks if she throws the church in his face, and pretends to act holy she can make him stay with her. Instead, he just keeps the girlfriend that he really loves, and sees her all the time.
That is what happens when people have no self respect and stay in relationships for money and status.
Women like her deserved to be cheated on, and that is what happens all the time.
Unfortunately, most women get to be ugly, fat, naggy mini-van moms with stupid short heir cuts and fat thighs. They are totally unaware of how disgusting they have become and how they have lost all of their sexiness.
No wonder their husbands want to vomit.
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As a wife I am offended at this very question. The man should act like a man and ask for a peaceful separation. I think its sad that this woman is willing to devastate a family to fullfill her own needs. Get your own husband. On top of that you are going to waste your life waiting on him when there is so much life to live. If he really doesn't love her, move on with your life and he will follow. This way she can get rid of that dead beat husband. Any man who has an affair is a deadbeat.
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Leave him. It sounds like he has all the right reasons for staying with his wife! I have heard every story in the book from married men who want their cake and eat it to. If you truly believe that you deserve a life of being second best, watching from the sidelines, settling for her leftovers, being alone and lonely on holidays and weekends and having your plans canceled by the all powerful SHE, then go ahead and ruin a good portion of your life. Most women eventually figure it out, but not until they have invested some of the best years of their life on a cheating loser!
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It's women like you that hurt the married women(a pain you wouldn't want for yourself!!)& they're children also! Try getting a single guy, instead of ruining another woman's life.If you have any concerns- you would feel some guilt about the pain your inflicting on another(the wife)instead of your own "selfish" needs!I was cheated on & god help her if I find her. Think of that too,would you really want HER to find you??He's getting his cake & eating it too-what are you getting from all this?? NOTHING! in the end-he'll tose you aside(like my "hubby" did) & you'll be alone. The world really has gone to crap! When people can't find their own,want to take someone Else's!!& it was over a girl like you that I cried MY eye's out over for month's!!!!!!!!!!!!I think you should have cried tear's of shame!
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The only way to make him leave his wife, just leave him if he really love you he will leave her and come to you ,, if he was confused between you and his wife I think you gave to him space enough to decide ... You will not ever lose if you leave him but you will lose if you stay with him and watch him with his wife
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Pencil said it. You said he is deing which I hope you don't mean literally. And if he truly is then what does he have to lose if he leaves. Sounds bogus to me. If was dying I would want to be happy during those last times with the one I luv. I'd say move on. Good luck
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I agree with Pencil. Leave him. It sounds like he has all the right reasons for staying with his wife!
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I am writing on this website to offer as much help as I can by sharing my own experience with a married man. My affair started when I was in a bad marriage. I met a man who claimed to be in the same situation. The first thing to relaize is that your situation may not be their situation. That may be what they tell you but I feel in hindsite that this was simply a way to get closer to me. When you are in a bad relationship or even if you are single and lonely, youare vulnerable. You will want to believe what your married boyfriend tells you.  She did this, she did that. I stay for the kids, I can't afford to get divorced. They will likely be someone you are extremely attracted to, they will likely provide you with attention and passion and the feelings you have been missing by being in a bad relationship or by being alone. Relize that most married men who are un happily married are looking for an escape. Something to help them be able to deal with the life they have chosen. They will do anything to keep the affair going.  They may even believe most of what they tell you.  Realize that it is not about you,  It is about them. It is about them.  I spent 3 years with a married boyfriend that I trusted, who called me every morning and every evening. We had a joint bank account, (mostly me helping him) with his financial situation. We made plans, I thought we loved each other and that he was just a guy in a bad situation who didn't want to to lose everything. He made me feel special and loved. At the end of the day his wife found out about our relationship. She has not only made my life hell but he stayed with her.  He did not choose the person that had been by his side, listening to his day, sharing his frustrations.  If the marriage is over, the guy leaves.  Simple as that...nothing else to add. I am begging women everywhere to seek freedom from this kind of situation. It will be hard, it will be painful, but I am hoping to spare you from the things I went through. I am smart, intelligent and beautiful.  I have a great job, money in the bank and generally do not make bad decisions. Do not be taken in by their charm, kindness or give in to your own lonliness. I realize now that the man I thought would always be in my corner was actually only in his own corner. Just trying to save another woman from going through the heartache and pain I have been through.

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