What (or Who) Is The Reason You Wake Each Morning?


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I wake up every morning (exhausted from staying up the night before studying), to get my two angels fed, dressed, and off to catch the school bus. Then I go back to bed!
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Senzy M
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It sounds a bit hectic but I'm glad you mentioned your angels! Hope they know how lucky they are...you're a good parent, keep it up!
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Thanks! : )
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I am bipolar and have moments that aren't to pleasant, but I would have to say the reason I get up in the morning is for my fiance.
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I wake up cause i have cramps in my legs =( but not every night though.. But most of the nights =(
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I wake up every morning because I have joy in knowing that Jesus loves me and that He always will
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Apart from going to my professional duty, I look for a change in my life (at least a small one).
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Senzy M
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Friend, that was deep.. Very deep. I like it!
>>Keep on keeping on!
suman kumar
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Let me add one thing " I look to have a good GF, who can understand me better loll.
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To physically restore energy to my body....spiritually to continue what god has planned for me.
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It may sound selfish, but i wake up for me ;) to learn, to see, to live, to love ;)
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Senzy M
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No it's not selfish at all. There is nothing wrong with valueing yourself, you are worth it!
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I wake up so I can spend another wakeful day being what God intended me to be. I wake up so I can spread love to the people i meet =)
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Why for or Millions of years the sun, moon, and stars does its duty to the universe without fail, thats the same to all living creatures on earth !

Ask yr soul the reason why you wake up ?

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