If One of my friend are telling me that me and my boyfriend relationship seems pretty much Done should I listen to them or should I follow my heart and try and make it work with my boyfriend?


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Follow your heart!
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Follow your heart. Going against your insctinct not only makes you standout amongst those who did follow their heart, but it will make you feel like a watermelon in an apples skin. Following your heart should always be the first thing you should do.
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Well, my friends are all telling me the same thing..my 2 best friends.ones a guy and ones a girl..even my cousins telling me that..and a couple other friends.. But I kinda think it should be over to so I guess it works both ways.. Just think about it lots then make a desision
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No ...no screw your friends if you love him you love him its your life
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I guess it depends on how close you are to your friend. If this is a close friend, maybe you should listen. Be careful though, maybe that friend is jealous.
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Lacy devero
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Yeah I really want to follow my heart on this one and besides my friend is of the opposite sex so maybe I should follow my heart and work it out with my boyfriend
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My boyfriend's friend said that to me and I did not belive him intill my boyfriend dumped me. Than about two days later he asked me out so follow your heart and just be ready for whats coming lol

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