When I'm around one of my friends, it's awesome she makes me laugh. But when her other friends come around she just ignores me and talks to them. It's happened yesterday too. I'm upset, I've tried to talk to her she won't listen. What should I do?


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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Well, people will act different around other people but if she ignores you around others, I would look for a REAL friend that treats you the same no matter who is around. A true friend doesn't do things like that. You have a great personality and should have no problem finding some true friends. People like that are just shallow. I would just ignore her and see how she feels about it.

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Autumn my friend.. that happened with me too, and that was one the reasons I don't have a best friend anymore!

Just talk to her when you two are alone about this, and tell her you don't like it... but if she continues, then when her friends come and she enjoys them, just do some other work and show her you're happy and that;d definitely get her online!

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People do the same with me so you're not alone, I feel for you.

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