i had an arguement with my friend due to her constant talking about her ex (she dated for 1week, 8weeks ago) we were okay but she seems distant. I've tried talking to her but she won't listen to how I'm feeling and is shutting me down?


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Leave her alone for a week or two, then try to open a very humble low-key conversation.

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I'm guessing her constant talking about the ex .. (The topic of conversationth that created the rift between you)  was not really about him as much as it was about how she felt about the situation and how it affected her. I'm guessing, As her friend, she turned to you to vent and perhaps release the pent up frustration she felt. Friends often turn to friends looking for comfort .. I can only assume she felt hurt by your complaints about it and that is why she stopped talking to you. Hopefully she can see that you don't want your friendship to end .. But that may take a little convincing. Be patient, appologize, and hopefully you both can move past this matter that has tested your bond.

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Beautiful answer.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Thankyou .. I have to admit, had a few of my own rifts with my own close friends in the past .. and know how it feels. Friends from high school that I am still friends with today...40 years later.
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Yes...your answer rings the voice of experience...successful experience.

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