Okay so me and this girl were like really good friends last year in 8th grade, but it's not when I try to talk to her she doesn't want to talk, or she doesn't even try to talk to me, but she still says were "best friends" - what should I do?


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I'd just find someone who wants to talk! Hard to tell what the problem is, maybe just ask her!

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I would just give her time to adjust. I take it you're in High school now and things change. New life, new people ! You'll meet new people yourself. Give her some time to come around or just find some other friends you'll be comfortable around. If she still wants to be best friends,then let her come to you. If she doesn't, then it's time to find other real best friends. :)

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When I was your age I had a friend who was only a best friend every other year. It was strange and I never bought it. She would come around for a whole school year and ignored us the next. We never took it to heart, we never called her out, we never told her our secrets. Friendships are about trust if you can't believe someone will be there then there isn't much of a friendship.

Do what's best for you. Would it help to talk to her? Would it be better to just hang out with other people, until she gets through whatever is making her different right now? Does she need you or space? Or maybe something in between?

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I just dont know, cause If I talk to her about it. Would it ruin our friendship?
dragonfly forty-six
I don't know. Maybe there was a miscommunication someone and she's upset with something she thinks you've done. If you've already tried to reach out and she is snubbing you then you might have to let her go for a bit. Do what you think is best for you.

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