I Really Like This Girl But She Lives Far Away And We Never See Each Other And Rarely Talk Because She Never Calls Me And I Forget To Call Her She Says Were Just Friends But I Think She Likes Me More But She Shows The Exact Opposite What Should I Do?


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Long distance relationships are hard on both side. It sort of sounds like she isn't ready to commit to more than just friends right now. Isn't that better than being blown off altogether? If you like her, keep in touch, you never know what the future may hold!
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Mostly, women don't show whats actually in their heart. Most of the times, they like it to be discovered. So she might like you more but showing you the opposite way. If you really like her then you should use your most of resources to approach her, be in contact with her, do things which please her, and bring her heart feelings on her tongue so she could tell you how really she feels about you. And most importantly, never forget to call her:-)

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