If You Have A Friend But He/she Live Far Away,can The Friendship Last?


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grace couch answered
Yes you can have a long term friendship . My best friend lives far a way but she is still my best friend ...her children are my god children.if you are true friends then it don't matter how far apart you are.
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When I was 11 I moved out to Australia. My best friend still lives in England. We are still best friends 2 years on. We write each other all the time, send emails almost every day and call every fortnight or so. It's hard and we miss each other a lot. But we are still best friends. In the past 2 years, I've seen her twice. But we still manage to know exactly what the other person is up to. When she is feeling sad, I can't physically be there for her, but I can send her little ecards and chocolates to make her feel better.

On the other hand I had this best friend, and when I moved away we kept getting into fights. We've called once since I've moved and send 10 or so emails. And both times I've gone over there we've been in the middle of some huge row so haven't got the chance to hang out.

I think it really depends on how close you are to that person. I also think girls are better at sticking together. My second best friend is a guy, and we can't really call each other best friends anymore, even though we tell each other a lot.
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Yes, I have friends myself that live far away and we call each other all of the time. We also write letters to each other all of the time, so yes I guess that if you have a friend who lives far away you can still make the friendship last.
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Sometimes it work but all time cause I friend in london he was my best friend ever I could trust him with everything he was like a big brother I wish I had in my life but then we stop talking and I have hear form him in 2 years but I love him and he will all aways be my best friends and a brother to me
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You mean to say, close friends live close to us loll. I have many friends who are very close but live far away.
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It won't be the same as it was when you two were closer (location wise) but with email, letters, and ims (video cams if you have them) then why not. As long as you keep in touch then you'll stay close.
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Of course no matter how far friends can still stay close with phone calls letters postcards and internet connections you can be as close as you were before friendship last forever and no one can change tht and maybe somday you can meet up again keep tight!
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I hope so because I have had my best friend for 3years now and she really is the best friend I have ever had but she will be moving to Holland come next year and I am going to miss her so much and I don't think it will be the same but I am sure we will stay friends but maybe not as close because things will be different. :( :( :(
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No matter how far you live ,true friendship lasts forever.I have a friend who lives in Korea,we are very close to each other.We email each other almost everyday,write letters this way we keep in touch and our friendship stick together.And we are really best friends.

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