Our Friend Is Moving Away To Another City. What Can We Get Him As A Leaving Gift?


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In all of our lives people come and go, move closer and further away, but always leave a little mark in our lives. When a close friend moves to another city, we always hope that they will be close enough to visit and keep in touch. It is always a nice idea to get together with other friends and give them a parting gift to remember us by.

When looking for a gift it is a good idea to try and get something which they can keep for a long time. Trying to think of something they may use often is also a nice idea.

Things like watches will last forever. But you could be more creative. Why not buy them a picture of the cityscape you currently live in for them to hang in their new home. If they collect anything you could look out a special edition.

you can also give them something really personal like a collage of photographs of all your friends together. Or a dvd of some of your 'best moments'.
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They sell coffee mugs at Starbucks that you can write on and then bake(so the writing will last) That way they can think of you every time they have some coffee!
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I would get him a photo album of all your memories together . And throw a leaving party for him (:
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Something to remind him of the city he is moving away from, and the people that he is moving away from. Nothing is better than a personally made gift, or failing that, something that is chosen carefully and meaningful.
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Well, I think you should select a good gift for them. I mean to say a good and lifetime gift. The thing that will make your friendship more stronger.

Any way say my  hi to your friend...
Good Day...EV:)
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Well, you could do a number of things but that depends on what type of personality your friend has and what he/she likes.... You know?! A special gift is a nice idea because every time the person sees it they'll will think of you. Sometimes a nice gift basket of specialty foods/jams with a picture frame or coffee mug inside. You could pick a theme and go with that. Whatever you like. You can make this yourself by going to a store like a "Christmas Tree Shop". They have a nice selection of things and baskets too. Otherwise if you buy one already made up you can pay a lot more money. It's really easy and fun. When you're done you can put the basket into a clear plastic bag and tie it off with ribbon/curling ribbon. Put crumpled tissue paper in the bottom of the basket or even easter grass to make the items more visible and appealing to the eye. This can be done for a man or a woman. Just pick a theme and choose colours that fit that person.

Ideas: Coffee lover? Look for different types of coffee in gift size bags, small coffee grinder, coffee mug and home-made ginger snaps.
Tea Lover? Look for different types of tea, a mug, home-made chocolate chip cookies, etc.
Breakfast theme? Look for specially pancake or waffle mixes, a small container with real maple syrup, fruit preserves, etc.

I hope these ideas help you. It's so much fun too. If this isn't something that you enjoy doing as much as I do get a friend to help you. You'll end up with more ideas and have more fun in the process. Sometimes ideas come to me as I'm in a store just looking around. Remember you don't have to spend a lot of money to end up with a really fabulous gift.
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My girlfriends son is going the Navy in a few weeks. His going away party is today and the pictures of all the people at the party in a small photo album is a great idea. And the coffee mug that people could sign was a great idea also. My idea was to bring a calendar to the party and have everyone pick a week. And they can put their email down also that way we can have a current list for us and the new officer will have everyones address also This is a big party, if you have a smaller party you could pick a month. But for that week the person sends what ever they want. Post cards, letters, cookies ... Well you get the idea. Everyone will bring there own twist to their week and he is guaranteed something to remind him of home. I wont give him the list of who has what week in case someone misses. We don't want anyone to feel bad if they forget.
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My friend is moving to another city. I am going to miss him soon. There are three weeks to give. I am planning to give him atleast one gift each day. I know him well and hence his likes. I am going to gift him a watch, vallet that he would have with him always, strawberries that he loves, coffee cup to remind me when he goes for coffee with his new friends, a T-Shirt with real madrid logo in it, a greeting card, a book printed with all the chat logs we had in office and via gmail. Have some more time to think about it.

Are my gifts good?
Will my friend like it?
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I am losing 2 friends who one is moving 2 California and one 2 South Carolina. Each is really far away. I am going to miss them a lot and I know that a collage is what I am giving them along with a going away party at the beach.
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A nice frame along with a photo of a group of your closest friends that all hang out together. Then a list of their phone numbers, addresses and don't forget....emails!!!
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Just get him something REALLY personal.. Not like couple cute,,, but touching cute... I mean whats the worst that could happen??

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