Need To Write A Nice Card For My Friend Who Is Leaving The Company?


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Finding the right thing to say in a card for a friend leaving your company can be difficult. There are plenty of ways you can say goodbye to your friend that won’t leave you staring at a blank card for hours. If the card is going to be just from you, have a think back to any memories the two of you have shared and make the card into a mini scrapbook. Stick in any photos of the two of you there might be lying around and write in funny stories or memories related to them. If the card is from everybody in the office, make sure that you get every individual to sign it. Get everyone to write a sentence or two about your friend and wish them luck along the way.

Send your friend off with the card and some gifts. If they have been working for the company for a long time, they will really appreciate the gesture. If they are leaving for a new job, buy them something that will set them up for their new work. If it is for travelling, invest in a guide about where they’re going or some travel accessories for the journey. Your friend may be leaving the company to get married or to have a baby, in these cases either get her something for the big day or go baby shopping.

For a final farewell, try and organize a goodbye party for your friend. Pool together any cards and presents other members of staff have bought and get or, for an extra special touch, make a cake that you can present to her in the office. If you do not fancy holding the party in the office, convince her to go for drinks with everyone after work and surprise her with a meal, cake and presents there instead.

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