What Does Sex Mean?


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Sex is something that has many definitions... From gender to the act of having sex. Personally sex is a meaningful act between two people whom love each other... Sex to some is just pleasure, and rape is sex forced upon someone whom does not wish to have sex. I hope this helped...
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How old are you? You need to talk to an adult. One of your parents? If you do not no the answer you are to young to be on this web site!!
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There are a number of meanings for this word, it depends upon the context that you are using. This is really a question for your parents to explain.
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Well it can mean the gender of the being. Otherwise it is
the sum of the structural, functional, and behavioral characteristics
of organisms that are involved in reproduction marked by the union of
gametes and that distinguish males and females

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Sex is an act between two adults it is a way of showing affection towards one another. It should only be done between two adults who love and care for one another and that have known each other for a while.
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Sex means when a man and a women have sexual intercourse.
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The structural function,and behavior characteristics of nature between living things as a way to reproduce, or a way to distinguish respectfully between male and female...good luck to you and hope you find this informative...   
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This question is to broad. Insert a sentence using the word sex for the answer to give you a logical answer. Econ101/sex-male.
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It means that two people take clothes off and to bad hot things kiss each other and everything
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Sex isnt bad if you really love some one just dont use it just for you satisfaction.

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