What Does Condom Mean?


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A condom basically is an apparatus, generally made of latex or more lately of polyurethane. It is used during sexual intercourse. It is worn by the male partner on the penis, to avoid pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV.

Male condoms are basically packed in a rolled-up form, and are fashioned to be applied on the tip of the penis and then rolled over the erect penis. They are generally produced from latex, but are also obtainable in other materials. As a system of contraception, condoms usually have the benefit of being easy to use.

They hardly have any side effects, and give protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms can be shared with other forms of contraception like a spermicide for superior protection.
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A plastic thing that a man puts on his wedding veg
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The cause could depend on whether your friend is experiencing the burning at the opening of the vagina or actually inside the vagina.

If it is at the opening that she is feeling the burning, it could be something such as vulvodynia which is when part of the vulva becomes overly inflamed.

If the burning is on the inside of the vagina, it could be that she has a yeast infection. A lot of the time you may not know when you have a yeast infection and it is only when you have intercourse that symptoms become more apparent.

Obviously, I only have what you say to go off but as always, seeing your doctor (or her seeing her doctor rather) is always your best bet to find the actual problem in her case.

I hope it all works out for your friend.
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If there is a burning during sex it could mean that he is being little rough or she could be sort of tight and he is kinda ripping her a little...or she could have a yeast infection which nothing to worry about all women have them at least once suggest she call or go to the doctor
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A condom is what a man uses on his penis when having sex. This prevents the girl from getting pregnant. (It doesn't me!)
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You must remember though that even if used properly a you can still get certain stds such as hpv or herpes.
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I have this right now, it burns extremely bad on the inside and out I feel on fire during sex, and ten after or even for a couple days its awful and just started happening recently. It makes me not even want to have sex with my husband now. I'm newly pregnant again , and we've only stopped using condoms these last 2 months to concieve and now this last month when we do have sex its horrible pain. If I have yeast  can I take monistat being pregnant? And what does my husband do about it?
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A condom is a light rubber cover for the man's penis which prevents sperm (essential if you don't want a baby!)  and disease from entering a partner when they have sex.

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