How To Make A Home Made Condom?


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While there may be a way, such as using a finger from a glove or other rubber item you have in your house, you are better off purchasing condoms or other birth control options.

  • Condoms
Condoms are designed for use by the man in order to ensure no sperm is dispersed into the female partner. Most condoms have lubrication to make certain it is more comfortable for the woman. Additionally, many condoms have a property that is meant to kill the sperm if there is a hole or issue with the condom. Condoms can have holes or other issues that could lead to pregnancy due to a failure to completely protect against sperm reaching the woman's egg. For this reason it is important to have an additional birth control option, such as something the woman may use.

  • Homemade Condoms
While it is possible to make a condom at home, there is every chance that it will be ineffective more so than any store bought condom. This is because homemade products are often what you have lying around such as a sanitary rubber glove you have cut up. During the process it is very easy to make a hole or tear it. It will also lack lubrication unless you have something such as a KY liquid in your home already.

  • Birth Control Pills
Birth Control Pills can be the better option for women. The woman will know she is protected and be in control of the birth control method. Birth control pills are not 100% either; therefore, used with a proper condom one is better protected during intercourse. There are also sponges, foams, diaphragms, and other birth control methods if one does not like birth control pills.

Abstinence is also a choice if one is too worried about consequences.

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Wrap something it or put it in something that won't tear or fall off like a plastic bag or a small balloon, if you're desperate.  But it's best not to make one because there's no telling if it will work.  In some health centers or offices they give out free condoms.  There are also rallies and such that give out free condoms to promote safe sex.
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Go to a store and buy one.... That simple!!! You get them for .$75 in public bathrooms too
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Wrap your thing with a packaging tape or duck tape... Finish one roll...

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