What Diseases Can You Catch With A Condom?


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Any disease you can catch without a condom, you can catch with a condom.  The chances are lower if you're wearing a condom, but they do not provide 100% protection.
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Protection does not stop disease. And the protection itself can cause anaphylaxis,death.
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Quentin Sasq
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Please elaborate because you haven't really answered my question. Thanks.
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All sexually transmitted diseases can still be passed outside of the protected area. If you want further explanation i suggest you read the mayo clinic sites page on std's...laytex shock or severe allergy reaction can kill ......my sister had a allergy to surgical gloves so the hospital had to replace them with neoprene/natural rubber gloves.what's that big word hypoallergenic materials....
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A condom only helps protect you penis. You can still transfer diseases from hand to mouth etc.
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Hey!! What does CONDOM do??? It protects BODY FLUID transfer... Like semen.. Certain infection like STD now called STI (infections) are taken due to bacteria/protozoa/virus transfer from one portal of entry (female organ) to the other (male organ) the CONDOM serve as barrier.. BUT ask this.. Its not the only portal of entry when you have intercourse.. You have your mouth.. Anus.. Etc.. It is also unto HOW you use it.. Some don't use it properly... Must have the right size.. And yes must check ALLERGIES.. Can kill you too! =) it is actually called Sexually transmitted disease because the organism lives in our reproductive organs.. The best place they can survive.. =) I suggest know your partner more!! =) thats the safest way..
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Quentin Sasq
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Thanks for your answer. I'm only asking for future reference. :-)
tinga nih
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Yeah... Get to know that girl well.. =)
tinga nih
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Just addition.. I strongly advise you use condom.. For infection now a days are crazy.. They can transfer without intercourse.. And some even have no idea they have it.. I may not know i have it.. A condom is really one way to avoid things like it. =D darn infections!! Getting smarter!! LOL
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You can still catch things like hiv and stds and herpes even when wearing a condoms
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If the person you are with has it it is almost 95% accurate but youd be better off talking with your dr about it
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Don't worry, I am asking out of curiousity.
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None you're disease free unless it bursts. oops !

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