My boyfriend is moving away for better work and wants me to go with him, but that involves moving across the country away from my parents, what do I do? I feel bad because my parents would hardly get to see me but I love my boyfriend and can't live without him, he's my best friend. Help! 


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Cookie Roma answered

You really should the about examining the fact that you say "I can't live without him."  Stay where your parents/family is.

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PJ Stein answered

I am going to suggest you stay put. If moving away from your parents is a big concern, you haven't matured enough to live without them.

If you do decide to go, you need to have a plan B ready. What happens if things don't work out with your boyfriend? Then you are clear across the country withut a support system. They only way you should go is to have enough money to move back home stored away so you can do so. I am not talking just airfare. I am talking about renting a truck if need be. Or the money to send boxes of stuff home. 

Even if things go well it is hard to be away from family and friends if something comes up. I have lived away from my family and had emergencies pop up on both ends. My husband was hospitalized and in a coma. I was by myself half a country away from both his family and mine. I have also been that far when my dad needed surgery. Thankfully I was able to afford to travel home.

Not to mention you can't always go home for holidays. My husband and I have spent many of them with just the two of us. You have to be prepared for that.

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