My boyfriend says I suffocate him, to give him some space to breathe, and to leave him alone. What do I do? He won't text me back and I never see him because he lives 30 minutes away?


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Sounds like you have no choice here but to honor his wishes or he will break things off totally so give him his space but don't wait around for him as it sounds to me that he really isn't all that much into you here so don't waste your time if he doesnt want it
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I think he isn't the type to give you the kind of love and adoration that you need. People have different attention needs, and this doesn't mean that you are at fault at all. I agree with Janey above. This guy seems like he doesn't have the nerve to tell you that he doesn't want to spend time with you, so he goes the long way about it by just not communicating with you that much. You are worth more, and if you walk away from this now, you will prevent yourself from getting hurt in the future with him. You can still have your dignity too by standing up for yourself and knowing how you should be treated. It's no use trying to maintain a relationship with someone who isn't the right one for you anyway, as it's not right or fair for the both of you.
This is a hard situation to be faced with, but you are so much stronger than you think you are! Follow your heart, and end this immediately, and tell him you don't think there is a future for the both of you. I would tell you that maybe you could go look for another partner in the meantime, but that doesn't build much strength in yourself if you bounce from one person to another just because you found better. Sometimes, the BETTER is in knowing that you are better off without a man that is like that with you. You do have someone out there for you, and every step of the way, you are perfecting yourself for that very special someone. Look at your life as god would look at is. Are you being honest and true to yourself? How long do you expect that you will put up with this type of behavior? Aren't you tired of him making you feel guilty just because you want a normal amount of attention? If he really loved you, there's no way he would act like this to you. How bad are you going to let things get before you have the courage and strength to ditch him and find someone who will be there for you, text you back, and wants nothing more than to hear your voice and read the words you write?
Be strong...
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I would end it with him, because it seems like he's done but is too scared to come out and say it to your face. You're better off ending it and moving on! Best of luck! :)
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This could be his way of dialling down the time he spends with you, as it looks like he hasn't got the nerve to say upfront that he's got other things in his mind and you're obviously not one of them.

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