My Boyfriend Says He Needs Space Because I'm Suffocating Him, But I Don't Get To See Him Much As He Lives 30 Minutes Away. What Should I Do?


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Tracy Koroma answered
You don't actually have to be with someone physically in order to feel suffocated by them.

Your boyfriend could be trying to break up with you, or he might just be asking for a bit of space - you should probably try to find out which it is.

How Can I Be Seen As Clingy, If I Don't Even See Him Much?
  • Texting him frequently
  • Calling him all the time
  • Wanting to know where he is, what he's doing, and who he's with
  • Getting annoyed when he doesn't respond instantly
  • Being too clingy when you do see him - for example, drawing out the visit, even when he has things to do.
  • Getting too serious too fast
  • Telling him you love him. If he doesn't feel the same way, then it's very likely that he'd feel uncomfortable about this, and might feel obliged to say it back to you.
What Can I Do To Stop Him Feeling Suffocated?
Give him space. I know it's difficult, as you might want to justify yourself, but stepping back a bit is probably a good idea.

Don't ignore him, but just keep in mind that he needs some space. We all need time to ourselves now and again!
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Just give him his space as some guys like their "me time" or "alone time" and don't cope well with someone being clingy or needy.

He could be just stressed because he's in a relationship and wants to just take a step back and take stock. Stick with him, as I'm sure this is just a temporary thing.

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