How to be happy when the person you love just dumped you?


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Be happy that the person, that did not love you back, is no longer with you. There is not any happiness,in a one sided relationship, and you are now free to find someone that will love you back.
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U need to just say "wtf" and stop caring about what that person tells u. If u still love this person then wate like 2 or 3 weeks or until this person is not in a relationship any more. And tell them how u feel. If they don't feel the same than its ok just move on with ur life.
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Yeah i see it that way thanks i realised that maybe im better of with out him as he wasn't the person i feel in love with and the person i thought he was
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Just climb out of the dumpster like Steve McQueen and Ali Macgraw did in that movie, THE GETAWAY, dust yourself off, and then make your ways to the highway and hitch a lift with the first trucker who stops for you.
The movie was re-made, starring Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, and the same scene was kept in.
It is one of my favourite movies.
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Hell no!! Rush over to his house and kick him in the crotch lol
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YOU CAN'T....Losing someone you truly love is in a way like a death. You go through a grieving process, you have to.  Denial, anger, hate, even depression
will come, you will try to find ways of getting them back, DON'T. You'll get the urge to contact them, again DON'T. Once you accept it is over however hard it is, only then can you move on. Take it day by day, stay close to family and friends who will support you, get out and about,  and gradually the pain will ease. I've been there trust me, I learned the hard way.

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