Who Will You Choose,the One Who Loves You Most Or To Person You Love Most?


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It's not as easy as that because there are other things to think about. But I chose someone who loves me and will treat me right and who loves and treats my children great, and he is very stable and a family man. I had to think of the big picture and the future of my kids.
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I think choosing the one who loves you most is safe, reasonable and easier. Choosing someone you love most is a lot more reckless and riskier. On the other hand, it is a sign of strength.

(I always have to think of Amy MacDonald's lyrics "And I will love until my heart it aches, and I will love until my heart it breaks and I will love until there's nothing more to life for")
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Well my answer is and well always be the person I love the most.
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The person I love most no matter what.
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The one who loves me. ... Would probably teach and show me how to be a better person.

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That's hard..But here's one of my favorite phrase for you..

We hurt those who love us,&& love those who hurt us..

But on my opinion I think that I'll choose the one that love me most..
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Am I wrong if I opted to choose the one who loves me and hoping that in the long run I can learn to love her and return the favor to her in loving me.Am I selfish? I'm tired of hurting myself hoping for someone that I love will love me.I don't want also to hurt the person who loves me and understand so I decided to offer her a wedding proposal.

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