Who Is The Person You Admire Most?


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I admire my mom the most. She has been through great difficulties in her life (I don't want to mention them). But whatever happened, she has survived through them and never let her children be a victim of the situation. She has tried her best to give us a better life by giving us excellent education. She thought least about her and helped us in every way she could. I admire my dad as well. I was my dad's daughter.a very lovable daughter. But due to some problems we got a bit distant. Nevertheless I admire him for all he did for us. Both of my parents' contribution is precious and cannot be compared with anything. Although I never expressed it to them how much I admire them...but today I am expressing it in blurtit and want to say that I really love them a lot and pray that they live a long, healthy and happy life. Thanks zexion for the question. I really liked answering it. :)
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I admire my grandmother the most. She died when I  was nine years old. When my mother abandoned me and my father was screwing up little kids lives she was there protecting me as best she could. However my dad got me on weekends and summers @#$%^& me up bad. Jesus Christ is the one who has caused me not to lose my mind entirely. Peace
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The person whom I admire the most is my brother, he is an inspiration for and role model since my childhood
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Why of all questions.. This made me think very well.. Sigh* most answered family members.. But I can't choose anyone from them.. They are all the same.. All sacrificed.. My mom working hard being away from us, struggling in other countries.. Just so she can earn money for us  (took her more than a decade of being away and alone) and  as well as my dad.. Working and raising us 3 children all by himself.. For my siblings? Whom all of us now are professionals.. We all shared things.. Admire most?? (you giving me a hard time.. Lol) sigh* I don't really go with or praise people particularly family sacrificing for each other.. What so amazing about that? Its what people expect from you.. Its what you are suppose to do.. That is human nature..  I love all of them and would die for them.. Maybe we all just have different understanding of admiration... Its a higher form of respect, acceptance for me.. I only admire poeple who do things great, good things unexpectedly... Things that we thought are not possible.. And because of that.. I can't think of a person whom I admire most.. Lol
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Definitely my grandparents, and neither are here unfortunately but they are who I admire the most. 
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I admire anyone who will stand up and talk about what they believe in regardless of what others think. On the quiet, I admire my Doctor who died of cancer recently. Treated all her patience right to the very end without letting on. There's a legend for you!
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It would have to be my mom. She was a homemaker for 23 years and then when my dad took a full time job as a minister of music at our church she got a job cleaning at our church. So I admire her because when she is put in a tough place she knows what to do.
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If my mother was with us still, it would be her. But like I had answered to the superhero question, I would have to say Jesus.
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My mother, if she were still here. But living, I would have to say, Stephen King.
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did you know he has several houses here in maine?
Jacquelyn Mathis
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I know, and did you know he was in a spot one time and he almost sold his typewriter to buy diapers for his kid?
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Jesus Christ of course.  He suffered so much the beatings alone should've killed Him, but He lived through it, carried His cross and died for me.  I love Him so much. Thank You Jesus!
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I admire my parents. They help me in sooooooooo many ways. I love them soooooooooooo much. Hope this answers your guestion! :-)
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The person whom I admire the most is my high school lady teacher. At that time, I was very weak in art though I like it. I could not understand the color theory. My beautiful lady art teacher helps me to understand various kinds of art including oil art to digital art. Looking at her creative work, I slowly grow myself. Currently I am digital art designer, creating commercials   ad for last 2 years and she is my creative director. We work at same office. Thanks to God for   sending most loving teacher in my life.
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My life I learn a lot from my life I learn every way to servive very servive...now I servive make my life servive pleas pray form me

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