Who Is The Most Interesting Person That You Have Ever Met?


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My friend. She can be really funny and just fun to be around. But she is also very very smart, in really all subjects, especially math. She is also very athletic and has a sensitive side(which you could never imagine when you meet her). So she has a lot of personalities that are all great.
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The elderly, it does not matter who.  They all have stories of what it was like growing up back in the olden days.  We do not really think about it much, and take it for granted.  They love to tell their stories.  And their stories can be told forever even when they are gone.  They did not have the technology we do, and had to ride horses to school riding miles each day just to attend school.  It is amazing if we take the time just listen to them.
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I love those stories from old people, like my great grandmother when she was alive, and others of the older generations.
Lianna Lins
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Me too!!! And the World Wars..everything. Gosh, I wish I could write biographies of every old person I meet.
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My best friend was the Assistant Atty General for Missouri for many years.  He was the states chief criminal prosecutor, and is responsible for putting 18 men on Death Row.  He is a brilliant attorney and has a LOT of interesting stories.  I have been thinking about writing a book about his life and career.
I have yet to meet that person...so until I do I must say quite simply and without sounding conceded, "myself"  because I know my past, present & future travels in life & no one will ever know me nor understand me...like me, myself and I♥  and if I cannot enjoy my own company, how can I expect others to do so?♥
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I met a guy once that served 31 years in prison because he bashed 2 guys to death it was just interesting because it was someone you rarely meet you know quarter or so of his life locked up.
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The most interesting person I've met would be an old friend of my father's. He's past his mid-60s, but is really intriguing to talk to. He has so many stories, and has been all around the world and back! Other than that, my best friend is really interesting. She's always coming up with new ideas...is a real thinker, that type. =)
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My friend from the psych ward, she was really awesome and we both there for suicidal thoughts/actions, and she was so nice and so smart - she really understood me and she was the best to play rock band with! But then I got discharged and she didn't :(

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It was a guy that used to like me. He works in a travel agency, was a photographer, works on the radio and in a club too. He  has also a degree of chef and he's studying to be translator.
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Justin bieber is , hes so actually down to earth , and cute , and so sweet and so smart.

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