Why Does My Mother Act Like She Loves My Sister And Brother More Than Me ?


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The answer is Talk to your mother . Let her know how you feel . She will never know if you don't talk to her and sit her down and say mom we have a lil problem can we dicuss this because this is a situation thats been bothering for some time now. Let her know all your emotions but just also let her know that you arent jealous you just want to be treated like your brother and sister. That just because they have kids doesnt mean she should love you less or that you have to earn her love
hope ive helped good luck:)
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You need to talk to your mom. She may not even be aware that she is treating you this way. I'm sure it is unintentional on her part. Or you may want to say this in a letter, I do better writing letters, if you're not good at confrontation. Good Luck!
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The answer to this real complicated question of yours is that maybe your mother thinks that you are old enough to understand that at her age, all she needs is love and care from her grandchildren. Remember, an older person is just similar to a child. To think on the brighter side, she loves you from the core of her heart but finds it difficult to express her feelings for you. Go, talk to her and sort the issues out! I have full confidence that this will surely be of some aid to you!
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My mother hasn't talked to me in the longest time. I think I remind her of her past. She and my 1'2 sister from her 2nd marriage are inseperable , she can do no wrong I can do no right! I have tried to talk to her, write her etc. But she never responds. I am 50yrs old w'kids of my own who love me very much. I gave them more love than my mom gave me. I have given up on her. My father and step dad are past away and no one else wants to get involved or help me out w'this. I guess even though it is sad there is nothing we can do sometimes.Just go on with your life if you have tried to make amends. It's hard but you will or may have now a family of your own to love you. And of course some good friends I hope! Good luck!!
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Be case  she is  Bromley just showing just  a little more affection be case your bro & sis are going through a lot of stuff because you know how the little bros and sis can be unless it is your  big  bro & sis they are even more competitive! Haha!! Well good luck oh and #1 more thing lol!
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I am sure you have done something bad in your past so thats why shes acting like that my mom is acting the same way
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You're lucky you can see your mother at least. Ask from my heart how do you feel when you haven't ever seen your Mummy Papa. I only felt my Mummy Jan twice in my dreams. Have felt her fragrance two or more times. Just take over her by serving her. Just try to sit close to her. Doesn't matter if you've grown big... Try sitting in front of her and take her feet in your lap and place your head in her lap. Start telling her how much you miss her all the time.

Just not bombard her at once with these loving gestures but move ahead slowly. Try to give her a head and feet massage. If you want to check how much does she love you, an emotional black mailing here could help you. Try spreading in your home that your company is sending you to a far off place and you r going to leave the home within a few days. I'm sure she would be the 1st one to ask you stay. Try spending a week at some friend's after wards....

I'm sure she loves you. If my suggestions help, just pray for me that I get my Grand parents and Mummy Papa as well.


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