I asked the girl that was mean to me to stop it, and she did more than that, now she's acting like my best friend and she's overprotective. What's going on with her?


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You have asked this question three or four times in the last week.  All the answers or advice is still the same. I don't know what else you want to hear. Either tell the girl to take a hike or you take a hike from her.  Please, don't ask this again. Once is enough.

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We can't tell over the internet, so make note to take this with a grain of salt lol. Body language, tone, etc play a big role. I had this happen to me in 8th grade, and the girl that was mean to me had 1 goal: Copying hw answers.

She became "nice and overprotective" with me as a way of being condescending and talking over me in situations. And I thought that if I'd speak out, I'd look crazy because, well, she was being "nice" and I would seem "rude".

If you think this might be what's happening, tell her to back off or chill out. Don't hesitate to correct her if she talks over you. But either way, if anything anyone does is making you uncomfortable, don't feel obligated to be around them or not speak up.

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