My girlfriend told me that her friend invited her to a movie date with her boyfriend and her boyfriends friend and she asked me what's my opinion on it? how can I clarify if she's not going on a date with the boyfriends friend?


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You need to balance your relationship with trust. Trust is one of the very crucial factors in a relationship. I can not tell you how you can reach the trust. Details of the behaviors and expressions are different person to person and so it makes it difficult to guide you without knowing many details that is related between you two and your principles and attitude.

However, the communication is the true key that works for everyone. You asked this question. Means however you say you might trust her. Yet it's a 50/50 trust! You need to rise the trust level between you two. And that happens by a lot of expressions and communications. So you must express yourself and talk to her nicely about the issue and how you feel. Reach a mutual agreement.

Don't forget the fact that she could not tell you this either! It's something important to be aware of. She told you about the event and asked for your opinion. So even if her friends setting up a date, yet her heart is with you. Because she cared enough to ask your opinion and shared the event with you.

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Well, why aren't you invited? Sounds like a double date to me.  Could be innocent fun as well but from what you listed I would say that's a double date.

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Travis Smith
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Well it's a Long distance relationship so I can't be invited which sucks and yea what u think I can tell her?
Soul Fly
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oy! the plot thickens. Tough situation seeing it is a long distance relationship. in that case there must be some level of trust. You could say that you feel uncomfortable with it but seeing as you are not there to be able to be invited, this changes things up a bit.
Travis Smith
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I said well it's ur friend who's inviting you and yea I'm kinda of concerned and yea I trust her dearly she said she will never cheat on me and I think she meant it because Im always der for her in rough times. I'm her bestfriend well boyfriend now. And she told her friend she doesn't know which I guess is a good answer.
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ahhh i see :) So its important to have a essence of trust. Long distance relationships may seem tough at times in terms of whether the other person is telling the truth or not. If you do not feel comfortable with the idea, just simply talk to her. Communication is key. And make sure you talk to her in a genuine caring way, instead of accusingly. Trust is vital and so is communication. Make sure to see how she's doing in terms of the relationship and in general with life. So then it won't seem like things like going to movie seems like a biggie. :)

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Since you say it's a long-distance relationship ... Going by most people in such relationships, you aren't actually boyfriend/girlfriend.

Unless you were dating and she moved away TEMPORARILY.

Otherwise, you are really nothing more than friends.

And even if you are boyfriend/girlfriend - there is nothing wrong with dating multiple people at the same time, as long as everybody is aware of the situation.

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