My boyfriend's friend does not know that I am dating him, and told me of a story that happened when they were partying. The story was that my boyfriend slept with a woman in a limo and pocket dialled his ex (who he has changed her name to a males name in his phone now). What do you think?


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Best thing to do is ask your boyfriend so you could be sure, never believe anything untill you know the truth or have seen it. While talking to your boyfriend about this, ask him for his phone. If he makes a big deal about it that diffidently means that he has somthing in his phone. And if he does give it to you with no problem, don't be kind and think oh he have it to me , he does trust me so I'll give the phone back. NO take the phone be smart and check through everything. Memos pictures whatsapp numbers. Just go through it. And if you don't find anything then talk to him about more and more.


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Why hasn't your boyfriend told his friend about you? That doesn't seem right.

As for the story, right now it's just a story. For all you know the friend might have a crush on you and be trying to make sure you are put off the guy you're dating, or your boyfriend could have made it all up to impress his friend. If you are actually worried about it tell him that the friend told you this silly story and see what he says.

While you're at it ask him why he's keeping you a secret, that seems like a much worse problem from here.

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