My boyfriend's boss had a birthday so my boyfriend messaged her told her happy birthday and she responded with thank you his name and a heart. They are acquaintances and not really friends yet they talk about personal things. Should I be upset that she added a heart?


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Uh...yeah. Most definitely. U don't talk intimate with a friend unless that friend is more than a friend.

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They are able to gel and tune on to each other's wavelength. You could get jealous but you'll be petty.  You need to stop attributing all kinds of things just because of your apprehension?

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Dialogue from The Last of the Mohicans, between the character of Madeline Stowe (Cora Munro) and Daniel Day Lewis (Hawkeye):

Hawkeye: My father warned me about you...

Cora Munro: [interupting] Your Father?

Hawkeye: Chingachgook, he warned me about people like you.

Cora Munro: Oh, he did?

Hawkeye: He said "Do not try to understand them".

Cora Munro: What?

Hawkeye: Yes, and, "do not try to make them understand you. That is because they are a breed apart and make no sense".

But seriously, I wouldn't worry about the "heart" at all.

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I'd be more concerned if she sent him a nude picture instead...

You know him better then we do... What does your GUT say.... Not your FEAR?

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Do they share personal things, or does she share personal things? After all she's his boss so he has to be a little appeasing. He's not dating her his dating you, if you're concerned ask him about it, he has no problem telling you about what his sent and her reply, so it doesn't sound like his hiding anything.

Because texts are impersonaI compared to telephone calls people often use xx or β™‘ to convey thanks or empathy especially during celebrations or grief.

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Maybe not "Upset" is the word . . .

The problem is the idea of people in power having relationships other then professional with their underlings. While a good rapport is fine, fine the line between professional and personal can start to get greyed if people get too familiar. Now when this happens we start making allowances for a little more of this and a little more of that . . . Before you know it Either HR is involved or an improper relationship can form.

My next door neighbor worked at Timberland designing boots in the 90's. His boss ( a woman) started greying the lines of their relationship. They ended up leaving Timberland to start a contract business together and then had an adulterous relationship that led to 2 divorces and two broken homes with children involved. We still live next door to the wife (who is a good friend of our family).

Be sure to communicate to your boyfriend anything you consider to be "important" to you regarding this. Make sure you are not accusatory in your deliberation but just mildly concerned if that is the case.

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