What Is A Good Way To Stay Up All Night?


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Blurtit is great for this, but mind you that you can't be rude on the site. You can also play cards, color, if you have anything around to color with. Clean, haha, talk about things that you might think are going to be important to you when you get older.
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Katey Hurtman answered
Do anything to stay awake!
Don't let yourself get bored
Drink lots f Caffeine, (Enough to make you have to use the bathroom a lot!)
I would advise that if you watch movies, action/adventure/or thriller movies would be better, instead of something slow paced, those will keep you up all night!
Talk to your friends, me and my friends could lay down in complete darkness and talk all night long without even sleeping a wink.
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Chris ???? answered
Hey, just do what I do. Stay on blurtit! Chat with friends that are awake.
Or just relax and tell stories until sunrise. I'm positive that if you don't see any of my ideas fit, you'll still find a great activity to consume your time.
Have fun!
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Piper Jackson answered

First of all, you need to prepare it before. Load up on snacks, entertainment, or other things you are going to need. If you have any creaky places in your house, go through the house during the day, and put things there, as this will help a lot if you plan to sneak around. Even if you wanted, you could try to sneak outside to watch the sunset, if you go to bed before sunset.

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Bob Bobbing answered
Matchsticks on your eyes
go for a run
drink lots so you constantly need the loo
make loud noises
lie down next to speakers blaring out music
basically don't fall asleep
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Play a lot of video games, look for funny stuff on the internet but do not just sit down and watch movies play video games to help you stay active, drink a coke, play with your animals, exercise

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