My Girlfriend Keeps Going Out Late With Guys. Should I Be Jealous Or Worried?


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If your girlfriend is going out late with other guys, it is completely normal to feel worried or jealous.

How much you trust each other is one factor in the situation, but if what she's doing is making you feel uncomfortable, then it's probably best to sit down and have a chat about how you're feeling.

Why does my girlfriend keep going out late?

The last thing you want to do is to stifle your girlfriend and seem over-protective or possessive. If she's genuinely not doing anything wrong, then having you snooping around and asking questions might make her feel pretty bad. That's why it's really important to approach the situation sensitively.

Have you considered the following?
  • Joining her on a night out with her friends
  • Taking her out for a romantic evening together
Trying to get involved in her social life will give you more in common and lots to talk about.

Girlfriend stays out late with other guys

If she's not too keen on you joining her when she goes out with other guys, this may be a sign that something is in fact going on. Whilst trust is vital for a relationship, trust can only stretch so far. How would she feel if you were spending your evenings with other women instead of her?

The best thing to do in this situation is to speak to her calmly about what's bothering you. Being open and communicating is really the best solution. The constant doubt and fear about what she might be getting up to is often more difficult to deal with than the truth, no matter how bad it is.
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In a word yes. But for many reasons. First of all there is trust. Do you trust her and does she at present understand your trust or abuse it in any way? If your girlfriend is staying out late with guys, why is she doing this? It seems rather worrying, and why isn't she staying out late with you?

She obviously feels at present that she isn't getting something in her life from you. Now if these guys are all lovely gay guys that she knows, that's fine, but I have a feeling it might not be that. It might be that she is enjoying the attention that she is getting from them.

This is more worrying because this attention is what she is looking for and may lead to other things, that is more worrying.

Talk to her about it, don't pressure her, but you need to have an honest talk with her.
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You can ask her why she goes out with other guys without sounding possessive seeing as this might put her off you. Ask the other guy if they're single but not in a gay way!

Whatever you do, don't stalk or follow her because this will look like you don't trust her!
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No you shouldn't be jealous! Unless you have a reason to be. I'm a girl and I have been dating my boyfriend for over 3 years. And we are very happy because he trusts me. I stay out late with my friends all the time whether they are girls or guys...friends are friends doesn't matter if they are girls or guys.

I am not attracted to my guy friends at all. They are just more chill to hang out less dramatic. I've never cheated on my boyfriend or even thought about it...

I've even stayed the night at my guy friend's house before. Which is not bad because there were no scandelous intentions involved. I didn't do anything but stay up all night and talk about random things that I talk to all my friends about.

Not all guys have bad intentions either. So, no - you shouldn't be jealous.

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